009-04, FY17

Top question asked from customers about NAVSEA standard item 009-04 dated 30 JULY, 2015 is:

Do I need accredited calibrations?

Lab accreditation is done by an external organization which verifies a lab can calibrate a specific measurement with a specific level of uncertainty.


When a customer asks for an “accredited” calibration, they are asking that the lab to use equipment to generate data to that level of uncertainty, report those values and affix a special logo.

Requiring that a lab is accredited for a specific function, as stated in 009-04 on page 2 of 10 paragraph 3.1.7 , is not the same thing.



Accredited calibrations are typically the most expensive services a lab offers.

To check if a lab is accredited for a specific function is as easy as looking them up on the web and reviewing their scope of accreditation.



If a lab is not accredited for that function, it does not mean they cannot calibrate it just that they chose not to publish it on their scope for various reasons.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other of your calibration needs give us a call here at Angels, we’ll be more than happy to help!